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Engaged in Math Class

In the next few posts, I’m going to focus on Differentiating Instruction in the Math Classroom. I will give you three strategies you can use immediately in the lessons you already have planned- to reach all of those kids! I promise not to ask you to do ANYTHING that wastes your time. I promise to only save you time.

3 Keys to Teaching Fractions

If you're thinking about fractions, you might be a 5th grade teacher... Thanks to the Common Core State Standards, fifth grade now throws the wildest fraction party on the block! I taught 6th grade math back when that was fraction central, and I learned 3 key things...

Talking About Fractions in Math Class

"The ones that are doing the talking are doing the learning." I know that. But, no matter how many times I say it, the impact on student learning in front of me is profound and somehow surprising. There is no example stronger than that of talking about fractions in...

Fractions and Decimals Made Easy

If teaching fifth and sixth graders has taught me anything, it's that fractions and decimals can be ABSTRACT and TRICKY... and that kids have to be developmentally ready to perform operations on them. The good news is- the standards aren't encouraging us to get kids...

Classroom Word Game

You know that buzz of collaboration and learning that you hope for everyday? It happens when we play this game. Every. Single. Time. If you like Boggle, you'll love this game. Word Wrangle is a fun classroom word game inspired by my love of Boggle and also my love of...

Building Community through Discussion

Class Discussion Norms (In my class, these become our Community Norms and replace any “rules”) Equity of Voice: Monitor your airtime. As a group member you are responsible to be a speaker AND a listener. You are also responsible to invite others to speak. Equal(ish)...


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