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As I look at many of the available web resources out there on questioning, I just can’t find one clearer or more to the point than this one from the Tulare County Office of Education. The best part is about halfway down the page, and is titled, “ELA CCSS Bookmarks.” The tittle is fitting I think, because just like when you bookmark a page- what you need is right there. All you need to do is click on your grade level and an amazing pdf opens with a Cliffs Notes style version (my favorite) of the English Language Arts Common Core Standards. Among other helpful pieces of information, for each standard two very important things are listed:

1. Appropriate question stems/ prompts

2. Academic Vocabulary

So… get thrown into a grade level that scares you because you’ve never taught it before? No problem! This go to guide gives you exactly what you need to conduct discussions with students at that brand new grade level like you’ve been at it for years!!

Check out your grade level and leave a comment about what you found. Was it helpful? Why or why not?


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